Gratitude, Resentment, Productivity and Sloth

So what’s the connection? Is there a connection? Here is our premise:

A mind full of gratitude tends to encourage productivity.
A mind full of resentment tends to encourage sloth.

(Sloth is another name for laziness.)

Seems simple enough, right? Lets imagine a few examples:

Person A: You like your job & you are glad to have a job. You like your boss, and most of your co-workers seem pleasant. From time-to-time you even consciously remind yourself of how lucky you are to have your position: “This job is so cool, I can hardly believe it!” (That establishes the mental state of Gratitude.) More likely than not, you will tend to stay focused on your work, do a good job, and maybe even go the extra mile when needed. (That sounds like Productivity.)


Person B: You really hate your job and your boss and your co-workers and even the fact that you have to work at all. Even the office plants bug you. You might even spend time day-dreaming about all of the mean things that you would like to say or do. To the, uh … plants. (That establishes the mental state of Resentment.) More likely than not, you will tend be dis-interested in your work, and you will only do a minimally acceptible job. You might even cut corners whenever you think you can get away with it. (Compared with person A, person B sounds kind of sluggish or Slothful, right?) (By the way, whenever I hear that word “sluggish” I always think about those commercials that encourage you to eat more fiber.)

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So, there! The results are in! There is a strong correlation between a mental state of Gratitude and a physical state of Productivity. Conversely, there is also a strong correlation between Resentment and reduced Productivity, or Sloth. Of course, everybody already knew that Gratitude was more healthy for you than Resentment, anyway. But here, we have just shown another reason as to why being Grateful is going to be a better life choice – since it can mean the difference between having that “edge” that encourages Productivity over Sloth.

So what is the “take home?” If you want to become more Productive, then try being more Grateful. And if you want to be less Lazy, then try cutting back on your Resentments.

By the way, about Gratitude and Resentment – are they opposites? Hmmm … good question. I’d say that they are either opposites, or at least pretty close. Your thoughts?

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Bonus Paragraph: One way to bring on a mental state of gratitude is by writing a “gratitude list.” But suppose that you dont like to do that? Hmmm … yes, that is a problem. Click here to get some humourous insight. But be careful – after reading that article you might even decide that you really dont want to count your blessings, after all!

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4 Responses to Gratitude, Resentment, Productivity and Sloth

  1. full_time_80 says:

    Maybe I forced myself to be productive while subconsciously being resentful during all my jobs all these years. Maybe I’m resentful at myself for always being in a position where I have to rely on the mercy and handouts of others. I hate myself for that so much. I wish I were independent at least financially. But I don’t belong having money because I spend it compulsively when I have it, whether I had it in my addiction or not. But I do like to help people. I just wallow in self-pity so much, I guess no one wants me to help them with anything anymore. I don’t know if I can give anything of myself until I correct my thinking. I wish I had people I could help in some way everyday so I would not have to wallow in idle thinking. It’s depressing. The world is on the brink of destruction so there must be something I can do to help others in their lives. Am I wrong?

    • admal says:

      So, the topic of the article, is this: “a grateful attititude is more likely to help a person to be productive (when compared with a negative attitude.)” Would you say that you agree? If so, then would you be willing to make a commitment to help yourself (careerwise) by trying to become more grateful – say, by writing regular gratitude lists?

    • admal says:

      By the way, you said “I just wallow in self-pity so much, I guess no one wants me to help them with anything anymore. I don’t know if I can give anything of myself until I correct my thinking.” Man – that sounds unhealthy! So, do you WANT to correct your thinking? If so, how about trying to immerse your mind in some of the wise teachings of the “old ones?” For examples, you can goto our Medicine page – there is a clickable link in the menu bar at the top of the page – right under the picture of the road in the country … I would really be interested to see how it would affect your thinking if you would repeat sayings like those on the Medicine page over and over and throughout the day … instead of the negative stuff that seems to be oppressing your thinking now …

  2. full_time_80 says:

    Ok I’ll try reading some of those quotes to see if they change my thinking to positive thoughts.

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