The Get Help Get Active Elevator Speech

An “Elevator Speech” is a short description or introduction to a business plan.  They call it an “Elevator Speech” because the idea is that it should be short enough to share with someone during a ride in an elevator!   Here is the Get Help Get Active version (all 52 seconds!)

Get Help Get Active is a free life-coaching service for people who self-identify as being lazy. We do not attempt to convince anyone that they are lazy. A client is only accepted into our system if they, themselves are already able to see and to admit that laziness is an important barrier in their life. We focus on clients who are currently not self-supporting, and who wish to move towards becoming self-supporting. We are not medical professions, so we have no comment on a person’s parallel decisions regarding whether or not to seek medical or psychiatric treatment or professional counseling. Our role is simply to provide clients with some common-sense encouragement and some insight into the role that their own, personal effort plays in their carreer success.

 Your thoughts?

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3 Responses to The Get Help Get Active Elevator Speech

  1. full_time_80 says:

    Well, I guess if I was not lazy, I would exercise more to put myself in a better mood so I could be ready and willing to help other people. This would be reflected in a tireless pursuit on my part to look for ways to get a job, help others on the job, get training and use public transportation until I saved enough money to buy my own ride. Is this possible? Why not? All things are possible with God. A little St. John’s Wart and a listening ear couldn’t hurt me either, I suppose. Is this God’s will? I don’t know, but why not try? If I get hurt or die trying, oh well. At least I tried to do something positive for myself. Who can take that away from me?

    • admal says:

      It is extremely unlikely that you will “get hurt or die trying” in your efforts to find work. God has given all of your ancestors (since the beginning of time), the strength and wisdom to find a way to provide for themselves and their families. If you stay close to Him, I bet that He can help you to stay focused and help you to become better able to care for yourself and your family.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Get Help Get Active is a free resource to help people who suffer from Adversarial Manager Dependence. What is Adversarial Manager Dependence (or AMD)? There are three ways in which a person can (within the range of their capabilities) deal with their own self-perceived, most critical responsibilities. These three ways are: 1) being a Self Starter or 2) Symbiotic Manager-Dependence or 3) Adversarial Manager Dependence.

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