The GHGA Display Board For Conferences

Here’s the new Get Help Get Active table and display board.  We used this for the first time last weekend at the Summit Hill Heritage Center conference.  The board is a way to introduce folks to the free GHGA services that are available right here in Carbon County. It lists topics, ideas and sentences that can be used as conversation starters.  Just in case the picture might be kind of hard to see, you can also read a printed version of each of the sentence snippets by scrolling down (below the picture.)  So what are your thoughts?

There are no jobs in this town.

The system is setup to keep the little guy down.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

All the good jobs have gone overseas.

Its impossible to succeed in this town.

I cant get any funding for career training.

Nobody is hiring.

I’m computer illiterate.

I don’t have a computer.

I don’t have a car.

A person’s success or failure in life is mainly determined by factors outside of their control.

I am having trouble becoming self-supporting. And part of the problem is that I am just lazy.

External Barriers vs Internal Barriers

Are you accusing me of laziness?

What is a good work ethic? What is a bad work ethic?

Is shame sometimes a good thing?

When does it make sense to give up?

Could I learn a new skill by reading a book?

Do people sometimes give up too easily?

How much TV should I be watching at this point in my life?

Its too late for me now …

I have ADD so I can’t …

I’m bipolar so I can’t …

Is America really the land of opportunity?

Does Laziness Exist?

Where do I see myself in five years?

What is the difference between encouragement and pestering?

Unemployment is only 3% in ND?

Does depression cause laziness? Does laziness cause depression?

What is YPLL?

If I had been only reasonably industrious, how would my life be different today?

Remember:  GHGA never accuses anyone of being lazy. We do assert that the phenomenon of laziness exists in our society. We only work with clients after they themselves have already come to the conclusion that laziness is an issue in their lives.

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