Communication With The Dead

There is a place in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania in which there is a very old building.  The building contains a special machine.  I have personally seen it.  It is used to communicate with dead people.  But the communication only works in one direction: From them to you.

you will find the machine when you
search for this inscription …


It hangs on the wall

There is a Custodian who keeps watch there, to be sure that no one damages the device. She says that, if you stand near it for a long enough time, then it will be as if you can hear the voice of the dead speaking to you.

It hangs on the wall.  You don’t need to touch it, but you do need to stand close enough to it that you could touch it.  And you also need to concentrate your mind.

And money will come to you.  Actually, the way that it works is that the money won’t come to you while you are standing there by the device, but the act of communion with the dead will increase your overall propensity toward good fortune, so that money will come to you as you go about your daily business.

The worthy and the unworthy

But the money will only come to you if you are a worthy person.  If, alternatively, you are an unworthy person, then money will flow away from you.  And you will never, ever see that money again.

The machine is actually like a kind of computer.  But it is much older than the computers that we use in modern society.  And it works on a different principle.

Also, you cannot use it to communicate with every dead person.  It only works for those of the dead who took the time to use the machine while they were still alive.

Knowledge and anti-knowledge

The dead use their portals to speak knowledge and anti-knowledge through the machine. Worthy people among the living use the machine to glean knowledge from the worthy dead – because their virtue demands it of them.  But unworthy people use the same machine to harvest anti-knowledge from the unworthy dead – because their weak minds are drawn to the simplicity and emptiness of anti-knowledge.

Some people think of it as a tool to amplify a person’s virtue, whether for good or for bad. It is as mathematically true as 1 + 1 = 2.

Are you a worthy person?  If so, then please, go inside.  Stand near it.  You can even touch it.  You will not be harmed.  But if, alternatively, you are unworthy, then does it make sense for you to go there?   Beware.

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3 Responses to Communication With The Dead

  1. Synthesis says:

    Needs that knowledge and antiknowledge article. You could probably knock it out quickly! Along with what is a NTP? Do it! Do it! Do it!!!

  2. RX says:

    When you read the Bible knowledge does come to you … And it goes forward and backward. Belief makes a tremendous amount of difference.

  3. PAL says:

    Graphic: Caption Are you worthy or unworthy? or maybe: Knowledge and Anti-Knowledge. A circle with the machine (a square box inside of the circle). Outside the circle are 12 $ signs, depicted with arrows to be slowly swirling inward. (For knowledge). And another similar diagram with the arrows swirling outward (for anti-knowledge).

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