Three Kinds of Delusion

There are three kinds of self-delusion: Unconscious, Historic and Chronic. Unconscious Delusion is the kind of delusion in which a person does not realize or even suspect that he is deluding himself. This often occurs in young people. They have not yet had the experience of being able to look back on an earlier time in their lives and saying to themselves: “From hindsight I can see that I was kidding myself …”

Historic Delusion is the experience of self-recognition that an individual has when he looks back on an earlier point in his life and says to himself: “From hindsight I can see that I was, at that time, deluding myself.” But that is where it stops. In other words, the individual recognizes that he had previously been self-deluded, but he does not believe himself to currently be deluded.

It is actually kind of rare that people reach the stage of Chronic Delusion. This stage occurs when the individual has passed through Historic Delusion several times, over several different topics. At a certain point, he begins to suspect that his past experiences of Historical Delusion are actually part of a larger pattern – which is that he, himself is chronically prone to convincing himself of the truth of certain things in life – and then realizing that his beliefs were actually mistaken.

TKOD Timeline 2
Chronic Delusion is kind of freeing – in a way. Since the individual is no longer bound by the prideful insistence that he is right about everything. In this new state of mind he is free to question his fundamental beliefs – and follow the truth wherever it may lead.


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  1. PAL says:

    How Much Torture Would It Take?

    How much torture would it take for you to achieve Reasonable Self-Exertion (RSE) in your own life as you, yourself define your personal RSE target? Probably, for most people, the answer would be: “Very little”. This is a thought experiment only, of course.

    One can imagine how the victim would, at the end of the day, profusely thank his tormentor. Because the tormentor had helped the victim simply to reach the completely reasonable and satisfying goal that the victim himself had set.

    Notice how this is very different from what we normally think of as slavery. Normally, we think of slavery to mean that a heartless kidnapper is applying torment to a victim/slave in order to get the victim to do something that the tormentor wants done – but which the victim would not normally be interested in doing. But that kind of cruel arrangement is not what is being envisioned in this “benign” tormentor scenario. This could make a nice comparison table.


  2. The Nine Scariest Words In the English Language

    This is a form of government directed treachery: Imagine a piece of food on the hook which catches a fish. Think of animals that have a meta-form – for example, certain types of amoeba form into slugs (a type of worm) when to do so benefits the community. It is a type of colony. It is the colony that takes the bite on the hook – and that is the point at which the group allegiance (to the slug form) diverges from the individual allegiance (of each amoeba to itself). So the individuals (which form the body of the mouth) cleave off (more or less) from the body (in terms of their loyalty to the energy source). The individuals can, therefore, contentedly munch down on the bait while the meta-creature takes the brunt of the hook.

    But who could deny that the individuals making up the mouth were, indeed, energy starved? No one. So, in the near-term the trap works. Reminds me of quantum vs classical crossover. And this whole process could then be systematized. Resulting in the government feeding itself off of the loyalty which would otherwise have formed the integumentary system of the body of the nation.

    Which might then suggest a cure – I.e, a mathematical demonstration of the disease-like action of the government “aid” program. Reminds me of Ronald Reagan’s famous saying: “The nine scariest words in the English language are: I am here from the government. I am going to help you.”

  3. PAL says:

    Graphic: A pyramid with 3 sections – the top section is set up and apart – to represent the 3 types of delusion – with chronic delusion as the ultimate state. This is reminiscent of Plato’s claim that he was the wisest person in the room – because he knew nothing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why do trains have Tracks? They have them because without the tracks they would go off the rails. It is the same reason that we need bosses at work because without the boss we lose focus on the long-term direction. I thought about this when trying to explain what an accountability partner is or why it is necessary.

    What is the natural loss per generation in the self-control ability profile? for example if there is a parent who has a self control build a profile of 100 percent and they have a child then what is the likelihood that the child will have the same 100% SCP? probably 5% of the children will lose the 100% self-control ability.

    I thought about this bcz of the industrial revolution. Prior to the IR and the mindless charity revolution (ala SFT), when someone was poor they just went hungry. Hence natural selection eliminated ppl with AMD (this is not to say that AMD is the only cause of poverty but certainly it is a important cause). Thus it is likely that as we get further and further away from the beginning of the industrial revolution that the percentage of people who have a compromised self-control ability profile will grow and grow. And the degree to which is compromise will grow and grow – on average. Thus laziness will become a greater and greater problem as we move into the future.

    One of the reasons that people do not like the word laziness is that we have almost always heard it in an accusatory fashion and only very rarely do we hear it in a self deprecating fashion. I suspect that if we began to hear it in a self deprecating fashion (very similar to alcoholism in AA) then the negative sentiment behind the word would decrease.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What are the things which create value in your life? Certainly working bcz money has value. How about two hours a day of value creation @ $20/hr? Reminds me of DFD money. AAM, 12, PT, art, YEZ, etc. so the point is that you become rich – as opposed to having a lot of money. Tutoring / facilitation / personal coach is the best I can think of.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Error rather than Delusion? And “Present Error” rather that chronic delusion? Past Error rather than historic delusion?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I believe the other comments for the 3 types of delusions articles read like a scientific textbook: too hard to understand . Well, anyway, the article itself brings up a good point: spiritual enlightenment. When you can accept you are not perfect and don’t have all of life’s answers, you are on your way.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This should be “Three Kinds of Error”.

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