NEW CLIENTS:  Would you like to meet a Get Help Get Active friend in your area? You will never pay anything!  In fact, we will pay you $10 to participate in a one hour interview to talk about the issues which are keeping you stuck in the low self-exertion lifestyle.   Depending on how that first hour goes, you will then be offered an additional $100 to participate in a five week research program. (The entire process will take about 10 hours of your time, spaced out over five weeks.)  Here is all that we ask of you:

First, ask yourself if you can honestly agree with these three statements.  If you can, then you certainly qualify:

  • I am struggling financially.
  • I have a habit of low self exertion.  I tend to give up too easily when it comes to either working or looking for work or studying to improve my job skills.
  • I want to change, but it seems really difficult.

Second, take a look at the Discovery page.  Would you be willing to go over those questions with a totally free, confidential, non-judgmental friend?  If your answer is “yes”, then we really want to meet you.  It doesn’t matter what your history is, or where you are at in life right now.  Having a Mind-Based Habit of Low Self-Exertion (MBH-LSE) hurts.   The help that GHGA offers is completely free – and you can always end the connection at any time if you decide that it’s not for you.

To get started, just send us an email to say “hello.”   Please include your name (could be just your first name if you prefer) and a little bit about yourself.  You could also include any questions that you might have about GHGA.  You can talk about yourself to let us get to know you and to help us to understand where you are at in life.  We’ll write back as soon as possible.  Then, at a pace that you are comfortable with, we can talk on the phone and then meet in person.  (Note:  In order for a new client to receive payment for the Discovery interview, we do need to go over it in person.)   To get started, just send us a message at: – or you can call us at 609-750-0132.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, and meeting you.  Remember, everything is totally confidential, and you will never have to pay for anything.

NEW VOLUNTEERS:  Would you like to become a Get Help Get Active volunteer?   The work can be disappointing because many clients give up and disappear.  That is okay, though.  We only wish them the best and hope to hear from them again, further down the road, when they are ready to re-establish contact.

On the bright side though, when the “work” is good, it is really great.  It is a wonderful feeling to see someone moving out of a  unproductive lifestyle, into a a vibrant and energetic lifestyle.  You can help to make it happen!  You don’t need to have any professional qualifications.  You don’t even need to have a high school diploma!   All you really need is a little common sense and a desire to help people to be what they want to be.  We provide you with free training.  Then, you make your own schedule – as much or as little time as you can spare.

Please send us an email with your name and phone number, and the best time to call.   If you like, you could also add a little bit about yourself, so we can get to know you. Write to: – or you can call us at 609-750-0132.

SUPPORTERS:  Trying to help people who have a mind-based habit of low self-exertion is a lonely and discouraging business.  Any words of encouragement that you could provide would be mightily appreciated.  Please share your thoughts of encouragement by writing to us at:  You can also call us at 609-750-0132.  A kind word can go a long way towards helping us to keep on keeping on.

A mind-based habit of low self-exertion hurts a lot of people.  You can make a difference. Please call or write today!

8 Responses to Connect

  1. Edgar says:

    Article: The Work Ideal – like sex ideal so I can know where I stand in my own behavioral goals – lazy, reasonable or workaholic? Great Idea!!

  2. Edgar says:

    Fore – Fear Of Reasonable Exertion –

  3. Edgar says:

    Stick with: The Work Ideal – cause that will help a person to self-diagnose if they are indeed lazy

  4. Edgar says:

    Work ideal – bcz that gives u something to shoot for – an excellent and ATTAINABLE goal! Since it is a reasonable exertion goal!

  5. Edgar says:

    What would b the reasonable task list that u yourself d give to a person who was working for u – that u were paying to perform your day to day actions? That is your work ideal. Similar to that article about the stasis jar …

    • Edgar says:

      A Good Boss – that’s what everyone wants – but he still tells u to do things that u don’t want to do. But u do them and u feel good about it bcz he is a … good boss. So let’s apply that thinking to our own lives – can I b a good boss to myself and hopefully get myself to cooperate?

  6. tbear says:

    I can honestly say Get Help Get Active helps i myself suffer from low self exerction and they are there encourageing me everyday thank you get help get active

  7. tbear2 says:

    Everyday more and more people suffer from low self exertion but don’t want to admit to it. Well here are some key reasons a person should admit it. There is plenty of support out there, takes some stress and possible worry away. I myself have struggled from it and I didn’t want to admit it either til I met a member of Get Help Get Active and he also suffers from it we got to talking and he encouraged me to open up more and is always there when I need to talk it could be raining snowing sleeting or whatever else and he will still be there for me and never has a negative thing to say to me so if you or someone you know suffer from this encourage them to give them a call all calls are anonymous so don’t be afraid and don’t wait another day call today

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