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Three Kinds of Delusion

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There are three kinds of self-delusion: Unconscious, Historical and Chronic. Unconscious Delusion is the kind of delusion in which a person does not realize or even suspect that he is deluding himself. This often occurs in young people. They have not yet had the experience of being able to look back on an earlier time in their lives and saying to themselves: “From hindsight I can see that I was kidding myself …” Continue reading

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When Things Get Too Good Too Fast

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How can a person decide if he is rich or poor? And how can a person decide if he should be happy or sad? Are there specific pitfalls that we sometimes encounter when trying to perceive the answers to these questions? Continue reading

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What Happens In Fourth Grade?

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A teacher has two roles. The first role is to teach new material to the student. The second role is to convince the student to make the effort to study and do their home work. In this second sense, the work of a teacher is actually closer to the management effort of a supervisor at a job, rather than what we normally think of as “being a teacher”. This article takes a look at the unusual liabilities that can emerge when a student fails to recognize and respond to the important difference between his teacher’s two roles. Continue reading

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A Life Of Honest Labor

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What does it mean to have a “good work ethic?” It means that a person is consistently willing to reasonably self-exert in a range of different ways, in order to achieve worthwhile outcomes. So here is the question: Do people sometimes convince themselves that they have a good work ethic when, in reality, they are only willing to exert themselves in certain areas – and not in others? … Continue reading

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Three Kinds Of Starters

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Why do some people take the initiative to develop their careers, but other folks seem to be unable to move ahead job-wise unless someone else is urging them forward? This article examines three different approaches that people tend to take when it comes to the matter of getting the ball rolling in their work life … Continue reading

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Transferable And Non-Transferable Exertion

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When a job is boring or difficult, it is a big relief to be able to hire someone to do the work for you. Unfortunately, that cannot always be done. There are some jobs which, due to the nature of the task, simply can not be out-sourced. This article examines the two kinds of tasks that we are presented with in life – jobs that can be transferred to someone else, and jobs that the individual must do for himself … Continue reading

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Internet Usage Statistics, Human Reasoning & Poverty

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Back in 1988, I had a friend who told me that the state had purchased a desktop computer and delivered it to her home as part of her vocational rehabilitation career training. (At the time I did not have a computer.) I remember thinking that, if I could only get a computer for myself, then it would be so much easier for me to, similarly, improve my career skills – and get a better job … Continue reading

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One Deadline And Two Surprise Offers

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The main premise of Get Help Get Active is that false beliefs are the drivers behind poor time management choices. This article describes a thought experiment that might help to convince you that this idea is correct … Continue reading

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Communication With The Dead

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There is a place in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania in which there is a very old building. The building contains a special machine. I have personally seen it. It is used to communicate with dead people. But the communication only works in one direction: From them to you … Continue reading

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Things That Are Difficult To Measure

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We all know that States Of Mind (SOM) are real – because we have all experienced them. And we all know that SOM occur in varying degrees, because we have all experienced them, as well. For example, the inner sense of love can be mild or medium or intense. Unfortunately, there is no clear way to compare the intensity level of any given SOM between one person and another. But technology may be changing that … Continue reading

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