Getting Paid To Get Help

New Clients Get Paid $10 Cash

Get Help Get Active pays $10 to new clients to compensate them for spending an hour of their time to go over the Belief Assessment Interview.  This interview asks a person to discuss their beliefs about work and about the worthwhileness of looking for work and/or training to improve their job skills.    For more details see our Connect page.

After the initial interview, if you would like to go forward, we offer totally free, personalized encouragement to help you to stay focused on your goals.  You may even be able to get more cash for on-going meetings – you just have to work out the details with your Volunteer-Encourager.  You are under no obligation to continue.  So, if you would like to call it quits at any point, then that is totally okay.  Just let us know!

NOTE:  The client must be 18 or older.  The new client must complete the one-hour Belief Assessment Interview before the client receives their first payment.   The client is not an employee of Get Help Get Active LLC.  Terms are subject to change at any time.

One Response to Getting Paid To Get Help

  1. PAL says:

    You should make it clear that the money can be on-going. The reasoning has to do with the moral impulse to help the needy. In this case, we believe that a small fraction of the needy population experiences their need due to their MBH-LSE (or AMD). GHGA clients self-identify that their neediness is (at least to some degree) caused by MBH-LSE/AMD. So the cash addresses the need at both the top and bottom levels.

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