Can music inspire us to act?  Certainly.  It can also inspire inaction.

For example, think of military music.  There is a distinctive flavor to music that is used to inspire troops.  It is hard to describe it or explain it, but we all know that it is there.

Then there is romantic music.  Again, it is hard to describe it or to explain it, but we all know romantic music when we hear it.  It puts you in the mood.

So what about “Anti-Laziness” music?  Think of that stuff that they play during group dance/exercise sessions.  It makes you want to get up and move.

So, what kind of music are you listening to?  If you have already concluded that you have a weakness in the area of laziness, then, could it be, that your listening choices have had something to do with it?  We can all think of sad music that tends to go “well” with depressive thoughts.  Is that where you want to be?   Unfortunately, a lot of the music that we hear in the media is of this depressing sort.

Alternatively, we can all think of courageous music – music that celebrates the struggle of a hero as he faces insurmountable odds.  I am thinking of the Rocky theme song – and the Man of La Mancha theme song.  Another song that inspires me is Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring.  I ran a 5K race years ago, and, as soon as the gun went off to signal the start of the race, they started playing the Rocky theme song.  I can still hear it in my mind’s ear.

At some level, laziness is a spiritual problem.  A headlong assault may not be sufficient to overcome the barriers that you are facing.  Encouraging and inspirational music is a powerful way to approach the problem.  In one sense, it might be kind of scary to listen to this “new” kind of music.  It means that we are going to set the bar at the success level.  When the bar is set at the failure level, then life is easy, and there are no surprises.  Unfortunately, it also means that the outcome is: failure.

When you turn on some music, ask yourself this question:  Would a hero listen to this?  A hero is someone that I respect, and someone who has overcome real-life, meaningful obstacles.   Ask yourself:  If a hero came to me, and told me that he was alone, and shaky, and that he needed inspiration and encouragement – then what CD would I hand him?   There’s your answer.

4 Responses to Music

  1. full_time_80 says:

    thanks for a day’s worth of inspiration

  2. rdor says:

    This is terrible – are you suggesting that all music (or art) that does not inspire one to action is corrupt?

    What an impoverished point of view.

    • adpal says:

      There are legitimate uses for many different styles of art and music. However, for a person who is a) suffering from laziness and b) wants to change, then I think that it makes sense for them to ask themselves: “What are all of the forces that are keeping me stuck in this unproductive lifestyle?” If music is one of the forces that is keeping them stuck, then it makes sense to think about changing it. Personally, I can think of plenty of examples …

  3. MahSi says:

    My Motivational Playlist:

    Divisionary (Do the Right Thing) – Ages and Ages
    Keep Marchin’ – Raphael Sadiq
    Wake Up – John Legend
    The Fire – The Roots ft John Legend
    Priority – Mos Def
    Fear Not of Man – Mos Def
    Therapy – Mary J. Blige

    just to name a few

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