The Obelisk of PAL

The Obelisk of PAL

Here is the Obelisk of PAL from the Carbon County Fair, 2015.  Many thanks to all who participated by stopping by and talking.   If you would like to read the content of the individual panels, then you can click on these links:

What is Get Help Get Active?
Three Kinds of Starters 1/2
Three Kinds of Starters 2/2
A Regular Job Versus the Army
Why are so Many Vets Homeless 1/2
Why are so Many Vets Homeless 2/2
Four Kinds of Problems
A Life of Honest Labor
What Happens in Fourth Grade?
There are Three Pathways
Medicine 1/3
Medicine 2/3
Medicine 3/3


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  1. PAL says:

    Outline for new Pitch: (All 8 x 11 displayed one at a time via hand.)

    1. Picture of Bush 43. Do you know who this fellow is?
    2. Picture: “Are there some jobs that Americans won’t do?” Ask atsjtawd? They answer that those jobs are low pay and difficult.
    3. Picture: “Low paying jobs that are also very difficult.” They say “yes, that’s it.”
    4. Picture:”ZERO paying jobs that are also very difficult.” Ask: How about these kinds of jobs? Will Americans do them? They look puzzled. Of course not!
    5. Picture: “Diagram high paying, high skill jobs vs low pay, low skill jobs.” 18 years of ZERO paying versus 22 years of zero paying.

  2. PAL says:

    Suggestion: Reduce the font size of the individual panels and just add all 14 pages to the text of the Obelisk page.

  3. How about the description of the GWB pitch complete with 4 career paths chart and learning-job + working-job diagrams and links to show that F1-B visa holders are getting paid the full wage?

  4. Being in Business

    Imagine you own your own small business. There are ten people working for you. Each worker acts as an executive in his own department and he, therefore, makes decisions that have Near-Term Payoff Horizons (near-TPOH), medium-TPOH and long-TPOH. But one fellow consistently skimps on the med-TPOH and long-TPOH. What would you do? Probably talk with him. Hopefully he would improve but if he does not then u might fire him. (In this scenario, everyone can see and agree that the best results come from a judicious mixture of short/med/long-TPOH.).

    But that is actually what you have now. But instead of 10 employees you have only one employee – it is yourself! For many people, that one employee tends to skimp on medium-TPOH and long-TPOH. In fact, this is one reason why most folks don’t have employees – i.e., because you need to be able to manage yourself in order to be the boss. Thus, we see that most people are not constitutionally suitable to be entrepreneurs.

  5. What is an AP? Introductions: you could frame this in a good light or a bad light.

  6. Three States of Effort

    I Obey (IO) – RSE working for a boss in TE. IO happens because the worker is not arguing with himself about whether or not to take a break. Because the external boss has already stated that that is impossible to do (until break-time arrives.) So the worker adjust to reality, in the same way as we stop crying over spilled milk – or any other unfortunate but unchangeable circumstance.

    I Flounder (IF) – LSE Networking and Learning while seeking IO position.

    I Am Puzzled (IP) – Starting to work with an AP, I set out on a self-determined schedule of RSE and I am confused as to why I am able to FT RSE in IO, but I am unable to FT RSE in IF. There is a definite improvement with the help of the AP, but, even with this improvement, I am often unable to reach full RSE. Meanwhile, the clarity is there that there are people who are able to reach FT RSE with Networking and Learning – so it is frustrating to see that I can’t. The result is that I am continually humiliated when I give my AP report – either because I fail to RSE – or – because I succeed with my commitment but only when I make commitments that work out to be only sub-RSE! In either case it proves that I am living in AMD … or some similar state of frustration.

    Or perhaps: I Excuse (IE)? There is a problem because the IP and IF names do not clearly distinguish between one another. Keep on and replace the other?

    • Anonymous says:

      Basically each of the possible ways that ppl deal with the AP dynamic. To refute the demeaning sense of it by recognizing the need for it. Comparing the creation of value via BAJ vs AP.

  7. PAL says:

    Suitability for Freedom or for Slavery?

    Throughout human history, tyranny has been the dominant social model while freedom has been recent and relatively rare. That being the case, it seems sensible to think that social natural selection would, therefore, have favored the submissive (i.e., those who accommodate themselves to being slaves) and disfavored those with traits of self-direction (i.e., those who are naturally inclined to succeed in an environment of slavery). Sadly, from this we can conclude that humans are probably constitutionally more suitable to a life of slavery than a life of freedom.

    And you may have noticed the word “constitution” in that last sentence. The Constitution of the United States is implicitly suitable only for people who are responsible during a time of freedom. Those who are not responsible with their own freedom cannot be expected to be able to long maintain their freedom. We already know that that dynamic (of having freedom and then loosing it due to irresponsibility) is true on the level of the individual – from human psychology and from the tendency of irresponsible behavior to result in criminal behavior – which then results in a loss of freedom.

  8. Obelisk

    Panel: $100 for volunteers to participate in a study of natural treatment for AMD: $10, $20, $20, $20, $10.

    You need a graphic for each panel!

    Capture every post attempt!

    OOP Pitch & BAI – What is the difference between Self Discipline (SD) and Imposed Discipline (ID)?

    Get rid of redundant questions in BAI.

  9. How is Joining the Army Similar to Getting Married?

    In both cases you can back out – but the difficulty in doing so is so great that most people just decide to stay in the relationship. Plus you mortgage your future earnings under compulsion of force.

    Also, generally everyone honors you for doing it. Although we know for a fact that, in both cases there are many people who enter both relationships for other than honorable reasons. Hence the honor that we give them is often, from hindsight, misplaced.

  10. PAL says:

    OOP Pitch

    How often have you gotten into an argument with someone and then, from hindsight, realized that you were wrong? How wrong is the Average Person?

  11. PAL says:

    OOP Pitch

    Time Needed for Due Diligence

    Children of Dems/Repubs are 90% likely to become Dems/Repubs. Social scientist explain this by saying that we think that we are using reasoning to arrive at our beliefs, but we are, often, actually using brainwashing. Graphic: Parents 100% -> Children 90%.

    How long would a person need to study a political question before they could arrive at the due diligence truth? Have you, personally, studied questions that you vote on for that amount of time.

    Graphic: Please Don’t Vote!

    The most responsible thing that you can do is not to vote?

    Graphic: Is it more responsible to vote or not to vote?

    • Anonymous says:

      OOP Pitch

      Have you ever been in an argument with someone and then from hindsight realize that you were wrong? What was that process light in yr mind? Then go into the three questions of due diligence.

      Personally, I counted 30 times when I was notably wrong in my own life.

  12. OOP Blaming the Victim

    Do victims sometimes take steps that contribute to their victimhood? Do people who r victims of poverty sometimes help to cause their own poverty via their own time management choices?

  13. PAL says:

    OOP Pitch

    Two Kinds of Work
    Graph: Horizontal time.

    Five or ten days of work then you get paid. This can be monetized. The risk/reward can be transferred. Hence employers will pay you to do the work.
    Long-term statistical payoff work. This can be monetized also, but the risk/reward cannot be transferred. Hence, employers will not pay you to do this kind of work.

  14. Anonymous says:

    OOP Re: What Happens in Fourth Grade?

    Do students learn as much during the summer vacation as they do during the school year? The learning is of a different caliber. But, so far as career success is concerned, do students tend to use their time equally effectively during summer recess?

    Except for rare exceptions, the answer is going to be: No. And why does that happen? Is it because learning avenues are not available to them? No. It is because the students need to have an Educational Manager in order to prompt them to study. And if they don’t have one, they will not study.

  15. PAL says:

    Our Beliefs And Instincts Do The Heavy Lifting

    During a dream, when you are being chased by a monster, you naturally want to run, so you self-exert vigorously. And there is no inner struggle to say “I really don’t feel like running, but I know that I ought to run in order to avoid this monster.” So why does that happen? It is because your beliefs control your “default” decision making. In this case, of course, the belief is false, but it does still illustrate how a belief drives you to act (or not).

    Our beliefs do the heavy lifting

    One very important type of belief (when it comes to the problem of overcoming poverty) has to do with the perception of opportunity.

    Combine this with: An Exact Match and an Odd Coincidence

  16. Article: What Is Agent Orange?

  17. Big Panel – Does complacency exist? Do some people have more of it than others? What is economic complacency? Can it cause poverty?

  18. PAL says:

    OOP Pitch:

    By and large, here in the US, do people become wealthy by virtue or by vice? What % of wealth came about through virtue and what % came about through vice? What % came through chance? (Asked at WRF in last wrap-up convo.)

    Similarly, what is the % distribution of poverty that comes about through virtue, vice and chance?

  19. Anonymous says:

    OOP Pitch

    May I sing a song for you that I learned when I was in the army? “Get up every morning with the rising Sun just to get In a 2 mile run!” Then stop. Ask – why do soldiers get up every morning to run in the service but they don’t after they get out of the service? Maybe statistics about that too? Creation of value happens via exercise. But don’t you want to have value? Would we recommend it? Would we do it?

    Can someone be paid to do something honorable? If they wouldn’t do it unless they were being a) threatened with prison and b) pushed along with cash, then are they really honorable?

    This would make a good cartoon call-out, too.

  20. Anonymous says:

    OOP Pitch – George Bush – are there jobs that Americans won’t take?
    These jobs do pay and they pay handsomely – time horizon. Three kinds of payment cash, kind and quality – the payment is a quality payment.

    Make up pitch scenarios which lay out the full conversation including all sub steps and their objections responses.

  21. PAL says:

    Do You Work For Money Or Value?

    Money is exchangeable value. But it is only exchangeable for cases of transferable products and transferable exertion. Money is notexchangeable for cases of non-transferable products and non-transferable exertion.

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