Why Are So Many Veterans Homeless?

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2 Responses to Why Are So Many Veterans Homeless?

  1. YEZ says:

    Don’t think about housing or food or eye care or dental or legal or what you wear or where you are going to work. We do it all for u – and we do it in a strange and incomprehensible way too. For someone who acclimated to that lifestyle, suddenly being required to figure all of those things out for oneself might be a bit of a burden. Especially about “looking for a job”. You never had to do that in the service. This is the LHT.

  2. YEZ says:

    And don’t make any decisions for yourself – just follow orders – we are not paying you to think – except within the very narrow realm that you have been assigned. More LHT. In fact if u do show signs of independent thinking and initiative you may end up being punished for it.

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