Working Logs

2016-01-01 Sunday

Made a New Years resolution (sort of) to go to bed early and get up early.  First day was a spectacular failure.  So far no PAL work.  Planning to go to bed early tonight and then get a hop on it.

2016-03-31 Thursday

Long talk with two friends re PAL. Misc updates to webpages. Working on a drawing to illustrate via a Maze how a person could insincerely claim to be making RSE efforts to find a job, when really they are just focused on UUC and avoiding focusing on CCI. Did a manual drawing and a scan! 3 hours. I feel very good about the scan. It didnt come out that great, but I feel good about going through the whole process.

2016-03-30 Wednesday

Created and posted thumbnails for
1) The Average Person Is Wrong and 2) Who Owns Your Paid Training
Added: <p style=”text-align: justify;”> to justify many excerpts!
A successful day!  2 hours.

2016-03-25 Friday

Goals: Create and post a cartoon.  Results: No Cartoon.

2016-03-24 Thursday

Many more updates to Working > Graphics and Working > Articles.  Two hours.

2016-03-23 Wednesday

Created & posted graphic (tkod-timeline-2) for Three Kinds of Delusion to illustrate the three kinds.  Updates, move-arounds and organize Working > Graphics.  Moved several comments to Graphics page.  Worked on test sketches for Joining the Army Versus Intoxication.  2.5 hours.

2016-05-31 Monday

Added Too_Hard_or_Too_Easy.jpg to Can I Read A Book.  Three hours!?  :-p  I was reading the stuff on the Graphics page and that inspired me.  I thought: “This would be easy to do.”  So I did it